Pick and mix chemistry synthesizes cultures of potent bioactive peptides

“Synthetic Fermentation” Fills Gap between Molecular Synthesis and Microbial Fermentation

"Pick and mix" chemistry used to grow cultures of bioactive molecules.
Columbia biomedical engineers use soft fibers (red) to activate T cells (green)

Novel Biomaterials Boost T-Cell Production

New technique improves T-cell manufacture by focusing on the production materials.
Firms claim alliance will guarantee optimized processes for purification and synthesis. [© idrutu – Fotolia.com]

Novasep and instrAction Combine Technologies for Large-Scale Chromatography Services

Firms claim alliance will guarantee optimized processes for purification and synthesis.

Installing “Smartly Formulated” Receptors Improves Function of Diseased Hearts

Combining gene therapy and protein engineering to "tune" calcium receptors appears to improve heart function in an animal model of heart disease.

Torque Unveils Manufacturing Platform for Its “Deep Primed” T-Cell Cancer Therapies

Torque, a developer of T-cell cancer therapeutics produced through its Deep-Priming™ technology platform, says its Slipstream™ process for making Deep-Primed T-Cells is designed to deliver substantially greater efficiency over current cell therapy manufacturing through savings in cost, time, and labor.

LGLS Licenses Novavax’ VLP Technology to Develop Flu Vaccines for South Korea and Other...

Firm will build VLP vaccine manufacturing plant and will also develop flu vaccines for other emerging markets.

Immobilized Enzymes Focus of Purolite, Codexis Partnership

Purolite and Codexis are collaborating to develop and market immobilized enzymes for the pharmaceutical industry.

Amgen Licenses Ligand’s Captisol Technology for AML Candidate AMG 330

The companies ink a commercial license and supply agreement replacing an earlier research agreement that allowed Amgen to evaluate AMG 330 with Captisol in preclinical and early clinical studies

Cobra Bio to Develop and Manufacture Fusion Proteins for KAHR Medical

KAHR to start clinical trials with RA candidate in 2010. The trans signal converter proteins are a therapeutic with two functional sides.

EMA Green-Lights Shire’s Manufacturing Site in Lexington, MA, for Gaucher Therapy

Facility increases capacity from 1,000 to 8,000 L and uses single-use technology.

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