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Deeper Process Knowledge Bodes Well for Better Biopharmaceuticals

Computer modeling can cut development time and yield bioprocesses that produce safer, better quality medicines says a leading researcher.
David Weiner, PhD

Making Biotherapeutics In Vivo Both an Opportunity and Challenge

One day, maybe soon, patients might make their own therapeutics for their own specific disease, thus realizing the potential of personalized medicine.
Rentschler Biopharma’s biomanufacturing

Rentschler Biopharma Focuses on Reducing Timelines with Process Intensification

A European contract manufacturer says it has accelerated its upstream bioprocessing by one third, thanks to a new intensification strategy.
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Avantor Expands Life Sciences Innovation Center

The Avantor expansion in Bridgewater, NJ will address bioprocessing needs in protein science, monoclonal antibodies, cell and gene therapy.
Rentschler Biopharma lab

Rentschler and Vetter Collaborate to Enhance Services

The alliance will leverage Rentschler Biopharma’s experience in drug substance manufacturing, including bioprocess development and API production, and Vetter’s expertise in aseptic fill and finish and secondary packaging.
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Digital Biomanufacturing Needs a Digital Supply Chain

As biopharma execs increasingly understand the long-term benefits of digital manufacturing, the challenge now is applying a 4.0 approach to the entire supply chain.
cell culture team MPI

Continually Collecting Virions for Manufacturing Biotech Products

Bioprocessors can’t produce treatments without raw materials, such as virions. These infectious viral particles can be used in a wide range of medical products.
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AI Promises to Accelerate Process Characterization

Researchers from Austria say they have performed the first comprehensive study of an artificial-intelligence-aided approach for bioprocess characterization.
The Kuopio Center for Gene and Cell Therapy

Debottlenecking Opportunities Clearer with a Bioprocessing 4.0 Perspective

Bottlenecks can be evaluated piecemeal, one at a time. Alternatively, they can be evaluated comprehensively and in real time by making use of data flows from well-placed sensors.
BenchStable DMEM

Cell Culture Media “Goes Green” by Reducing Cold Storage Needs

To limit cold storage, try using cell culture media that can be stored at room temperature. Thermo Fisher’s aptly named BenchStable media can perform as well as media that can’t take the heat.

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