Rising to the Challenge of Intensifying Bioprocesses

Bioprocessing is a massive undertaking, and the industry is always on the lookout for more ways to trim the fat and streamline manufacturing processes. This bioprocess intensification can improve efficiency, reduce costs and reagent usage, and even improve final product quality. But how intense is too intense?
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A Scalable Adenovirus Production Process from Cell Culture to Purified Bulk Product

Adenovirus (AdV) vectors are commonly used in cancer gene therapy trials, evaluated in gene therapy, and used in vaccines for various diseases. In this study, we have combined technical evaluation of process steps and...
Increased Ribosome Biogenesis

Inhibiting Ribosomal Biogenesis Opens New Path to Cancer Therapy

Researchers from Uppsala University report that the metastatic process is helped by the synthesis of new ribosomes. The results open the possibility for new treatment strategies for advanced cancers, according to the scientists whose...
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Microbial Culture Systems for Bioprocessing

Microbial culture systems dominate industrial-scale production, where the large volumes rule out the possibility of employing mammalian cells. Although gigantic projects such as algae ponds engineered to literally generate tons of product lie in the future, microbial systems are currently capable of producing substantial volumes of bulk chemicals at levels competitive with conventional chemical synthetic protocols.

Streamlining Bioprocess Monitoring for Scale

The revelation last June that several sartans, a group of angiotensin II receptor blocker (ARB) high-blood pressure medications, were contained via their manufacturing process with potentially carcinogenic nitrosamines NDMA and NMEA highlights the need...
Intertek Pharmaceutical Services laboratory techniques

Antibody Characterization Keeps Pace with the Antibody Industry

Biologic monoclonal antibody (mAb) drugs are not just more targeted than small-molecule drugs, they are also larger, more complicated, and more variable. Consequently, biologic mAb drugs, which generate sizable revenues, may enjoy some degree...

Silencing Genes in Cellular Protein Factories Amplifies Production

The cellular factories that churn out recombinant proteins may adopt their own version of lean manufacturing: intensify everything that adds value and curtail everything else. To date, yeast and other tiny protein factories have...
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Audentes Launches Internal cGMP Plasmid Manufacturing Facility

Audentes Therapeutics launched a new South San Francisco-based internal cGMP plasmid manufacturing facility which, the company says, is expected to significantly enhance a critical element of its supply chain, i.e., provide high-quality nonclinical and cGMP-grade...
continuous processing

Continual Improvements Advance Continuous Biomanufacturing

Continuous manufacturing is finally gaining traction in the pharmaceutical industry, but development of the necessary production technologies is, itself, a continuous process

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