Kite Pharma, GE Global Research Partner on T-Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Collaboration aims to increase the availability of engineered T cell therapies by speeding up development of automation technologies

Light-Activated Chloroplast Factor Removes Protein Introns

Light-activated repair system discovered in algae may prove useful in excising interrupting sequences from proteins

Catalent Invests $200M in Fast-Growing Biologics Manufacturing Business

Catalent says the $200 million it will spend over three years to expand drug substance manufacturing capacity and drug product fill/finish capacity in Bloomington, IN, and Madison, WI, reflects a commitment to expand further...
virus filtration system

Expanding the Scope of Single-Use Technologies

Disposables are replacing fixed components upstream and downstream, from bioreactors to filtration assemblies to bulk filling systems to cold-chain-friendly storage bags.
Monoclonal Antibodies

Biomanufacturing Expands Its Comfort Zone

Biomanufacturers want more flexibility, productivity, and profit. And they’ll do more to secure these gains if they feel at ease with process intensification and continuous manufacturing.
Bacillus subtilis

A Novel Endotoxin-Free Microbial Expression System

Lack of pathogenicity and other advantages over Escherichia coli make Bacillus subtilis an attractive host expression system, says GenScript, especially if secretory capacity is enhanced.

AGC Biologics Expands Plasmid DNA Offering

pDNA has been used for many years in the manufacturing of DNA adjuvants and vaccines and as a starting material for RNA drugs and cell-free protein expression platforms. More recently, pDNA has been key for gene therapy applications.
GE cell therapy

New GE Healthcare Life Sciences Manufacturing Facility Going Up in Switzerland

New GE Healthcare Life Sciences Manufacturing Facility will include 7,360 square meters in the new Signy Park for the manufacture of single use kits for the Sepax and Sefia cell processing systems. Company officials say the facility will meet global regulatory requirements and is expected to be fully operational in 2022.
automated bioreactor

Streaming Process Streams?

Ex-Google X innovator aims to digitize bioprocess research and development and to allow multiple experiments to be run in parallel while allowing data to be accessed online in real time.
Production in a cleanroom

Scaling the Output of a Single-Use Assembly

The market is driving MilliporeSigma to increase the production of its bags and accessories for bioprocessing operations.

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