Funds will support development

Emergent Wins $107M Contract to Triple Anthrax Vaccine Production

Funds will support development, validation, vaccine trials, and regulatory clearance.

Genomics Departments at Yale and Erasmus Universities Adopt Caliper’s Sciclone NGS Workstation

Centers aims to automate protocols for exome-capture and library-preparation workflows.

Aldevron to Produce CureLab’s DNA Vaccine for Cancer

Aldevron was selected to produce CureLab Oncology’s DNA-based vaccine for cancer treatment.
Fujifilm Bioreactor

Fujifilm to Build New U.K. Center of Excellence

Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies’ Center of Excellence will be built in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester, and University of York.

Video Game Challenges Citizen Scientists to Become Protein Designers

Citizen scientists may participate in de novo protein design by playing the video game Foldit, which puts the implicit knowledge of biochemical experts into the hands of players, who are then able to exercise their own creativity and intuition. Gamers may design structures that lead to novel applications in medicine, such as vaccines and biologic drugs, as well as in other fields.

ChromEMT Created to Visualize How Cancer Proteins Lead to Disease

Scientists at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies report the development and application of new electron microscopic imaging tools and a special stain for DNA to visualize the 3D structure of chromatin.
Putting a sample into the autosampler

Chromatographic Analysis for PAT

Continuous processing means real-time monitoring process analytical technology, and enhanced chromatographic techniques—such as the IEX and SEC techniques described by Phenomenex.
MilliporeSigma’s BioContinuum™ Platform

MilliporeSigma’s BioContinuum™ Platform

Biomanufacturing professionals are enthusiastic about continuous processing because they believe it will have a significant impact on how their customers bring therapies to market, delivering them to patients faster and more cost effectively. MilliporeSigma officials...
Gene therapy, conceptual artwork

Cobra Biologics and Symbiosis Complete Viral Vector Collaboration

The collaboration significantly increases both companies’ existing commercial capacity and simplifies the supply chain process for manufacture of viral vectors for use in gene therapy and immunotherapy.

MorphoSys Expands Deal Leveraging Wacker’s Bacterial Secretion Technology

Firm will now be able to use Esetec, which comprises a specific E. coli strain developed by Wacker, to produce antigen material.

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