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Building Bioprocessing from Data

Robert "Bob” Hariri (B.H.), MD, PhD, founder and CEO of Celularity in Warren, NJ, talks with Mike May, PhD, (M.M.) about developing your bioprocess with a focus on collecting and analyzing all the critical process data.

mRNA Day: TriLink, Maravai Look to RNA, Oligonucleotides, and San Diego for Growth

A San Diego manufacturer of highly-modified nucleic acids and its parent company have concluded that development of RNA- and oligonucleotide-based therapeutics—as well as the region’s biopharma cluster—will both grow strongly enough in the near future to justify the companies’ recent $50-million investment in relocation and expansion within the city.

Coronavirus: China’s BrightGene Manufactures APIs of Gilead’s Remdesivir

BrightGene Bio-Medical Technology Co., said it has successfully manufactured the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) of remdesivir (GS-5734), the Gilead Science antiviral candidate being tested in China human clinical trials as a treatment for 2019-nCoV novel coronavirus.
Bioprocessing 4.0

Coordinating the Move to Bioprocessing 4.0

Bioprocessing 4.0 is supposed to be self-coordinating, and it will be—but only after the deliberate forging of connections between sensors, data, computation platforms, process modules, and people.
Medical Vials and a Syringe - Vaccination Concepts Series

Hidden Costs of Single-Use Bioprocessing Technology

Taking a close look at the pros and cons of an increasingly popular biomanufacturing methodology.

Daiichi Sankyo Becomes First Firm to License BioWa and Lonza’s Fucose-Free mAb Cell Line

Arrangement for Potelligent CHOKS1V covers research and commercial recombinant antibody production.

Genomics Departments at Yale and Erasmus Universities Adopt Caliper’s Sciclone NGS Workstation

Centers aims to automate protocols for exome-capture and library-preparation workflows.

Kite Pharma, GE Global Research Partner on T-Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Collaboration aims to increase the availability of engineered T cell therapies by speeding up development of automation technologies

Utilizing External Collaboration to Accelerate Vaccine Development

Sponsored Content Brought to you by As the pharmaceutical industry continues to look for new and innovative ways to treat disease, some companies are putting more focus on how to prevent them. Vaccine development, while...
Next-GEN Bioprocess Automation

GE Healthcare and Rockwell Collaborate on Next-GEN Bioprocess Automation

GE Healthcare and Rockwell Automation are collaborating on a next-generation bioprocess automation platform to help biopharmaceutical companies create flexible and scalable facilities of the future, with a focus on streamlined production technologies and adaptable...

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