Pharmaceutical technology equipment facility for water preparation, cleaning and treatment at pharmacy plant

The Current State of Contract Manufacturing

An ongoing trend in the CMO business is consolidation. There are both benefits and potential downsides for clients. When acquiring facilities, a CDMO not only adds new technologies and capabilities, it also expands its team of experts. Ironically, it also raises the question whether any one CDMO can really offer top services in all areas
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Mitigating Risks Associated with Cell Culture Media Preparation and Handling

Custom content sponsored by The preparation of media for use in biopharmaceutical processes can be complex and may carry risks that must be identified, assessed and mitigated to assure consistency of performance and minimize likelihood...
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Building Bioprocessing from Data

Robert "Bob” Hariri (B.H.), MD, PhD, founder and CEO of Celularity in Warren, NJ, talks with Mike May, PhD, (M.M.) about developing your bioprocess with a focus on collecting and analyzing all the critical process data.

mRNA Day: TriLink, Maravai Look to RNA, Oligonucleotides, and San Diego for Growth

A San Diego manufacturer of highly-modified nucleic acids and its parent company have concluded that development of RNA- and oligonucleotide-based therapeutics—as well as the region’s biopharma cluster—will both grow strongly enough in the near future to justify the companies’ recent $50-million investment in relocation and expansion within the city.

Coronavirus: China’s BrightGene Manufactures APIs of Gilead’s Remdesivir

BrightGene Bio-Medical Technology Co., said it has successfully manufactured the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) of remdesivir (GS-5734), the Gilead Science antiviral candidate being tested in China human clinical trials as a treatment for 2019-nCoV novel coronavirus.
Bioprocessing 4.0

Coordinating the Move to Bioprocessing 4.0

Bioprocessing 4.0 is supposed to be self-coordinating, and it will be—but only after the deliberate forging of connections between sensors, data, computation platforms, process modules, and people.
Medical Vials and a Syringe - Vaccination Concepts Series

Hidden Costs of Single-Use Bioprocessing Technology

Taking a close look at the pros and cons of an increasingly popular biomanufacturing methodology.

Aggregation Analysis

Is the protein-aggregation challenge on the rise in bioprocessing?

OriGene Secures $6.5M to Set Up mAb Manufacturing Facility in China

Private equity financing enabled the company to complete its purchase of P&A biotech. OriGene Technologies raised $6.5 million, which allows it to complete the acquisition of Shenzhen P&A Biotech, a manufacturer and provider of mAbs....

Pfenex Scores Government Contract to Develop Production Process for Bulk Recombinant Protective Antigen from...

BARDA funding could total $18.8 million if all milestones are met and options and extensions are made.

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