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Continuous Processing Shows Continuous Progress

Continuous manufacturing is finally gaining traction in the pharmaceutical industry, but development of the necessary production technologies is, fittingly, a continuous process. Ultimately, the drawn-out development work will deliver worthwhile results. Using continuous processing instead...

Rising to the Challenge of Intensifying Bioprocesses

Bioprocessing is a massive undertaking, and the industry is always on the lookout for more ways to trim the fat and streamline manufacturing processes. This bioprocess intensification can improve efficiency, reduce costs and reagent usage, and even improve final product quality. But how intense is too intense?
Dendritic cell and T-lymphocytes, illustration

Automated Reproducible Dendritic Cell Production

Market-leading Corning entered into an agreement with Flaskworks to commercialize MicroDEN, an automated fluidic system that allows for differentiation of monocytes into DCs utilizing continuous perfusion of differentiation media.
microprotein PIGBOS

Microprotein Could Point to New Therapeutic Targets for Diverse Human Diseases

Study results indicate that a previously uncharacterized 54 amino acid microprotein called PIGBOS sits on the outer mitochondrial membrane and plays a key role in modulating the unfolded protein response, or UPR, which mitigates a form of cellular stress. Dysregulation of UPR is thought to underpin a range of diseases including Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders.

$6.3M DARPA Grant Allows GE to Assemble Team to Advance Nanosensor Technology

Butterfly wing-influenced project has defense and healthcare applications.

Medicago Achieves Fourth Milestone in Setting Up U.S. cGMP Facility for Plant-Expressed Vaccines

DARPA paid $3.56 million as part of phased commissioning of RTP site.

Biosearch Moving into New Digs for GMP Production

Biosearch Technologies, a company that specializes in the development and manufacture of GMP-grade oligonucleotides, is moving its GMP manufacturing process into a new GMP production facility in Novato, CA, which is also the home...
By unboiling egg whites

Unboiling Egg Whites, Unscrambling Proteins, Keeping Biotech Liquid

Biochemists demonstrate the power of a protein-refolding technique by "unboiling" egg whites.

VWR to be Acquired by Avantor for $6.4B

Deal would create a combined global provider of consumables-focused solutions and services to life sciences and advanced tech businesses, as well as education, government, and research institutions
Figure 1

Transient Gene Expression Seeds Plant-Based Bioproduction Systems

Recent advances in plant biotechnology have allowed the use of plants and plant cell cultures for the production of pharmaceutical proteins, known as molecular farming. We are now able to exploit the ability of...

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