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Fledgling Steps toward Regenerative Medicine Superpowers

Regenerative medicine looks forward to the industrial-scale production of diverse tissues. Eventually, treatments may grant patients something like the powers of a superhero—a Salamander Man—when needed.

CMC Completes New Single-Use Facility in Seattle, WA

Hyclone supplied processing equipment including a 100 L and two 500 L SUBs.

Merck & Co. Opens Third Manufacturing Plant in China

$120M facility, second in Hangzhou, will package medicines for Asia-Pacific region

Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires Single-Use Specialist ASI for $300M

ASI designs, manufactures and delivers customized single-use systems and equipment for the preparation, processing, storage, and transportation of biopharmaceuticals.

Researchers Propose a Compounding Approach for the Manufacture of Biopharmaceuticals

Authors of a new article in Nature Biotechnology suggest an in-clinic approach to the manufacture of targeted biologics.
Sartorius lab

Addressing Challenges Posed by the Adoption of Single-Use Systems

In this roundup, we asked representatives from several companies if their firms have a program for dealing with the challenge of increased plastic waste with the rise of single-use technology.
Epic Sciences’ Functional Cell Profiling (FCP)

Liquid Biopsy Technologies Diversify in Expanding CTC Field

CTCs have a lot to say about cancer and where it’s going, but they don’t say it loudly. Fortunately, they are finding their voice thanks to microfluidics, immunomagnetic separation, and other technologies.
cell-free protein synthesis

Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Made Flexible and Accessible

Researchers say they greatly simplified the method for cell-free protein synthesis

Merck Breaks Ground on New Production Facility

Darmstadt, Germany-based Merck broke ground on a new production facility for its Allergopharma unit in Reinbek near Hamburg.

Kite Pharma, GE Global Research Partner on T-Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Collaboration aims to increase the availability of engineered T cell therapies by speeding up development of automation technologies

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