Silencing Genes in Cellular Protein Factories Amplifies Production

The cellular factories that churn out recombinant proteins may adopt their own version of lean manufacturing: intensify everything that adds value and curtail everything else. To date, yeast and other tiny protein factories have...
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Audentes Launches Internal cGMP Plasmid Manufacturing Facility

Audentes Therapeutics launched a new South San Francisco-based internal cGMP plasmid manufacturing facility which, the company says, is expected to significantly enhance a critical element of its supply chain, i.e., provide high-quality nonclinical and cGMP-grade...
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Continual Improvements Advance Continuous Biomanufacturing

Continuous manufacturing is finally gaining traction in the pharmaceutical industry, but development of the necessary production technologies is, itself, a continuous process
Next-GEN Bioprocess Automation

GE Healthcare and Rockwell Collaborate on Next-GEN Bioprocess Automation

GE Healthcare and Rockwell Automation are collaborating on a next-generation bioprocess automation platform to help biopharmaceutical companies create flexible and scalable facilities of the future, with a focus on streamlined production technologies and adaptable...

AveXis to Acquire AstraZeneca Manufacturing Site in Longmont, CO

Novartis subsidiary AveXis plans to expand its gene therapy manufacturing capacity by agreeing to purchase AstraZeneca’s advanced biologics therapy manufacturing campus in Longmont, CO, for an undisclosed price.
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A Shot in the Arm for Vaccine Manufacturing

Vaccine science has come a long way since the 18th century, when Edward Jenner used pus from a milkmaid’s sore to stop a child from catching smallpox.1 Since then, various vaccines have been developed,...
MilliporeSigma’s BioContinuum™ Platform

MilliporeSigma’s BioContinuum™ Platform

Biomanufacturing professionals are enthusiastic about continuous processing because they believe it will have a significant impact on how their customers bring therapies to market, delivering them to patients faster and more cost effectively. MilliporeSigma officials...
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Enhancing Downstream Processing of Biologics or Gene Therapies

As productivities have improved and more niche markets and biosimilars have emerged, the age of mega-sized stainless-steel single-product plants has waned. On the rise are smaller, more targeted plants for niche markets or, increasingly,...

Merck KGaA to Expand Aubonne, Switzerland Manufacturing Site

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, said today it will carry out a €150 million ($168 million) expansion of its biologics manufacturing site at Aubonne, Switzerland, designed to help meet the growing demand for treatments by...

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