A lab-on-a-chip (LOC) is integration device with several laboratory functions

Image-Based Monitoring of Oxygenation in Microfluidic Cell Culture

Microfluidic devices have been established as versatile platforms to mimic various culture conditions or microenvironments in 2D and 3D tissue models. Oxygen availability in the cellular microenvironment strongly affects the cellular phenotype and metabolism....
Innovation Campaign landing page

MilliporeSigma Introduces “Take the Right Path” Upstream Campaign

Young and emerging biotechnology companies rarely have enough background in biomanufacturing operations and clinical experience to get their products to the markets in an economic and efficient manner. Many turn to contract development and...
Repligen’s XCell™ ATF cell retention devices

All Roads Lead to Continuous Processing

End-to-end configurations may seem to be where continuous processing should lead, but the technology also encompasses intermediate goals such as upstream and downstream intensification.

$6.3M DARPA Grant Allows GE to Assemble Team to Advance Nanosensor Technology

Butterfly wing-influenced project has defense and healthcare applications.

Medicago Achieves Fourth Milestone in Setting Up U.S. cGMP Facility for Plant-Expressed Vaccines

DARPA paid $3.56 million as part of phased commissioning of RTP site.

Biosearch Moving into New Digs for GMP Production

Biosearch Technologies, a company that specializes in the development and manufacture of GMP-grade oligonucleotides, is moving its GMP manufacturing process into a new GMP production facility in Novato, CA, which is also the home...
By unboiling egg whites

Unboiling Egg Whites, Unscrambling Proteins, Keeping Biotech Liquid

Biochemists demonstrate the power of a protein-refolding technique by "unboiling" egg whites.

VWR to be Acquired by Avantor for $6.4B

Deal would create a combined global provider of consumables-focused solutions and services to life sciences and advanced tech businesses, as well as education, government, and research institutions
Testa Center

Keeping Up with Bioprocess Changes

Every biopharmaceutical manufacturing process is unique. While these processes take common approaches to unit operations, they combine unit operations differently for each drug that is produced. The same is true for how each biopharmaceutical production...
Pharmaceutical technology equipment facility for water preparation, cleaning and treatment at pharmacy plant

The Current State of Contract Manufacturing

An ongoing trend in the CMO business is consolidation. There are both benefits and potential downsides for clients. When acquiring facilities, a CDMO not only adds new technologies and capabilities, it also expands its team of experts. Ironically, it also raises the question whether any one CDMO can really offer top services in all areas

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