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Cytiva Upgrades Massachusetts CMO Site

Facility now totals 60,000 square feet and has bioprocessing capabilities ranging in scale from 10L to 2000L.
Vaccine in vial with syringe. Vaccination concept.

New Continuous Freeze-Dry Process for Single Vials

A continuous freeze-drier that moves single-dose vials along a track could help biomanufacturers improve product quality.

Aggregation Analysis

Is the protein-aggregation challenge on the rise in bioprocessing?

Axon to Leverage Existing CDMO Relationship for COVID Vaccine

Bachem, which has been working with Axon Neurosciences for more than 20 years, will play a critical role in manufacturing the vaccine for trials and beyond, specifically for production and initial commercial scaleup.

BIA Separations Introduces PrimaS Multi-Mode Ligand Bioprocess Technology

New platform designed to initially focus on high-resolution industrial scale processing of therapeutic mRNA.
Protein structure

Mass Spec’s Role in Bioprocessing

The technology’s versality and power can characterize complex mixtures such as proteomes and metabolomes.
ImmunoglobulinG Antibody Molecule

Realizing the Virtues of Virtual

One of the biggest technical challenges of Bioprocessing 4.0 arises in turning an idea into practical reality.
Gene editing genes therapy concept with nurse and DNA lab technician medical

Personalized Meds Will Drive Sector-Wide Bioprocessing Innovation

Precision medicine is extremely disruptive to the model of a blockbuster molecule produced in centralized facilities so that flexible tech and non-traditional sites will play a greater role.

Fujifilm to Invest $928 Million In Site Expansion

Move will double drug substance production capacity at facility in Denmark.
Scientists Working in the Laboratory

Keeping IgG2s Apart

Aggregation reduces the use of these antibodies, but one company seeks to change that.

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