Biomanufacturing Technique Can Diminish Protein Efficacy

New research has uncovered how a type of fluid flow commonly encountered in manufacturing processes can affect the quality of their products

Angel Biotech to Conduct Development and Manufacturing for ReNeuron’s Stem Cell Program

ReN001 is in a Phase I stroke trial and is derived from a neural stem cell line.

Miltenyi Acquires Gene Therapy Assets from Lentigen

Miltenyi Biotec acquired the lentiviral vector manufacturing business and related assets from Lentigen.

Genzyme and Arecor Ally to Advance Protein Therapeutics

Arecor’s technology will be used to develop stable, high-strength formulations of labile biomolecules.

Sanofi Sharpens Axe for Massive Layoffs

Cuts anticipated for 1,000–2,000 French workers.

Cell-Free Protein Synthesis System Might Save Lives in Remote Locations

Scientists develop cell-free protein synthesis system that could save lives of soldiers and others injured in remote locations.
Source: Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Sartorius Inks Automation Cooperation Agreement with Siemens

Sartorius Stedim Biotech and Siemens agree to a long-term cooperation agreement in the area of automation

Kalobios Chooses BioWa and Lonza’s Potelligent CHOK1SV Cell Line

Firm will use the cell line to produce Humaneered recombinant antibody therapeutics.

RuiYi, CMC Collaborate to Speed mAb Development

CMC Biologics will use its CHEF1® plasmid to develop cell line for RYI-008, designed to fight inflammation and cancer

Human Protein Engineered to Capture Circulating Tumor Cells

Human blood protein that was engineered to capture CTCs may be used as a cancer diagnostic.

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