Liver Cancer

Hummingbird Bioscience Signs Production Deal with Mycenax Biotech for Cancer Clinical Trial

The biotech companies' agreement covers manufacture of an anti-VISTA antibody developed for solid tumors that are unresponsive to existing treatments.
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Trefoil Therapeutics Selects AGC Biologics as Manufacturer of Lead Product

TTHX1114, an engineered form of FGF-1, is designed to stimulate proliferation and migration of corneal endothelial cells to restore lost vision in patients with corneal diseases.
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Cell Out? Lysate-Based Expression an Option for Personalized Meds

Expert says a company seeking flexible ways of making high-value, low-volume products should try cell-free expression as the method requires minimal manufacturing infrastructure and process development requirements.
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Ruminating on Bioprocessing 4.0

Unresolved security issues could seriously affect a company’s data in a regulated environment, so iron-clad anti-hacking protection needs to be in place. Unfortunately, cyber security is not yet a top focus for the bioindustry.
ATUM Scientists

Leap into Efficient Cell Lines

A transposon-based technique that is providing a fast route to antibody production.

Coronavirus: China’s BrightGene Manufactures APIs of Gilead’s Remdesivir

BrightGene Bio-Medical Technology Co., said it has successfully manufactured the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) of remdesivir (GS-5734), the Gilead Science antiviral candidate being tested in China human clinical trials as a treatment for 2019-nCoV novel coronavirus.
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Assessing the Air

A reliable system of environmental monitoring is critical for protecting bioprocessing from unintended contamination. The method must address particle measurements, surface and airborne microorganisms, temperature, pressure, and humidity.
GE Healthcare Lab Equipment

Advancing Platelet-Based Therapeutics for Patients

CCRM and GE Healthcare Life Sciences are working to develop proprietary media formulations for Platelet BioGenesis to enable the efficient differentiation of stem cells.
digital binary technology

Biopharma Facilities Should Be Designed with AI in Mind

The biopharm industry has been automating aspects of production, handling, and transfer processes for decades. Now, process monitoring, in particular, has become a more recent focus partly due to growing regulatory support for quality by design and process analytical technology. But while it may improve product quality and manufacturing efficiency, automated in-process monitoring generates huge amounts of data.
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Selexis Cell Line Development Strategies

The biotech firm has been widely impacted by the Bioprocessing 4.0 paradigm as an ongoing process through its approach to cell line development.

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