Synbio Modules Customize Cellular Input/Output, Add Anticancer Function

Cellular input and output revised with modular synthetic biology components to sensitize immune cells to a tumor signal

BAC’s CaptureSelect Ligands to Be Coupled with Life Technologies’ Chromatography Media and HPLC Columns

Collaboration will create selective, ready-to-use HPLC columns to support process analytical technology.
A microfluidic device that recapitulates bone marrow and blood vessel microenvironments shows promise as a platelet bioreactor. [Italiano Laboratory]

Bone-Marrow-on-a-Chip Churns Out Platelets

Microfluidic device recapitulates bone marrow features including blood flow and produces functional human platelets.
Synthetic biologists have established a DNA-encoded and readily engineered bacterial platform for borylation that outpaces conventional chemical methods. The feat marks the first time that bacteria have made compounds with boron–carbon bonds. In this artist's interpretation

Synthetic Biology Forges Boron–Carbon Bonds in Living Cells

Synthetic biologists establish a DNA-encoded and readily engineered bacterial platform for borylation that outpaces conventional chemical methods

Femta Signs On Lonza to Manufacture Preclinical RA Candidate

Femta Pharmaceuticals signed a manufacturing services and license agreement with Lonza for its lead humanized interleukin 6 mAb called FM101. Femta says that it aims to submit an IND for the rheumatoid arthritis candidate...

Calixar, Synthelis Offer Membrane Protein Services

Companies claim scope of services, including crystallization and production, aren't available elsewhere in Europe.

Stopping Premature Protein Synthesis Halts Genetic Diseases

Preventing imperfect proteins from being synthesized to halt disease development.
Source: David Jones

Plastic: An Acquired Taste, Even If You’re an Aromatic Polyesterase

Protein engineering work improves a naturally occurring enzyme's ability to degrade polyethylene terephthalate (PET), one of the most abundantly produced synthetic polymers

Soligenix Nabs Exclusive License to Vaccine Thermostabilization Technology

Agreement means firm can use platform for existing biodefense applications and all other vaccine indications.

ATMI Supplies Bioreactor for Orgenesis, Takes $1.3M Stake

Integrity® Xpansion™ will be integrated into Orgenesis' therapy, which converts liver cells to insulin-producing cells.

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