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Sartorius lab

Shake-Up Your Cell Expansion Efforts

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by Sartorius Stedim Biotech, we will hear how application of modern bottle and flask closure technologies in combination with machine automation can compress a cell expansion process map to bring about a low-risk, streamlined workflow with reduced operating costs.

The Dynamic Microbiome

In this inaugural GEN KEYNOTE webinar, we are delighted to host Rob Knight (University of California, San Diego), who will present a captivating overview of the latest research findings on the links between the microbiome and human health as well as future directions in microbiome research.

Highlighting the Power of CRISPRa/i for Gene Expression Profiling

In TOMORROW's webinar, sponsored by OriGene, we will highlight how a toolbox of modified CRISPR systems is enabling scientists to turn gene expression on (CRISPRa) and off (CRISPRi). We will discuss how a CRISPRa/i functional genomics platform reveals genes that drive complex biological phenotypes and, finally, we will learn about some of the latest CRISPRa/i tools and reagents and how they are facilitating investigators in their gene editing endeavors.

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