Adeno-associated virus, illustration

Viral Safety in AAV Production: How Affinity Chromatography Effectively Contributes

In this GEN webinar sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific, our presenters will demonstrate the efficiency of POROS CaptureSelect AAVX affinity chromatography as an effective viral clearance removal step in the downstream manufacturing of AAV for gene therapy and vaccine applications.
Genetic Research, A human sample being pipetted into a petri dish for genetic analysis sitting on DNA sequence

Synthetic Biology and the Future of Food, Fashion and Pharma

The synthetic biology revolution is here! In this presentation, sponsored by Twist Bioscience, we are excited to bring together leaders in the field. Our April episode of GEN Live, our guests discuss where the field is now and the exciting advances in store for the future.

CRISPR Single-Cell Screening Drives Biological Discovery

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by Horizon Discovery, we will present data showing how a new CRISPRsc screening platform from Horizon offers a streamlined approach to elucidating valuable and intriguing biological information critical to resolving complex biological questions.
Virus with RNA molecule inside. Viral genetics concept. 3D rendered illustration.

COVID-19 Immunity: Integrating Single-Cell Genomics and Systems Biology Analyses

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by 10x Genomics, Dr. Florian Wimmers from Stanford University takes us to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, recounting how he and his colleagues leveraged and integrated a range of techniques, including Multiomic Cytometry (also known as CITE-seq), CyTOF, Olink, and blood transcriptional profiling, to uncover fundamental immune signatures of severe and moderate COVID-19.
DNA with capsules

Cell and Gene Therapies: From Concept to Commercialization

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by OXGENE, our panelists—two industry leaders—will discuss what it takes to develop a cell or gene therapy from concept to commercialization, alongside a conversation about innovations that are likely to shape the future of advanced therapy discovery and biomanufacturing.
CRISP-CAS9 - Genetic Engineering

Precision Genome Editing without Double-Strand Breaks

In this webinar , sponsored by TriLink, Dr. David Liu describes the development of two approaches to precision genome editing—base editing and prime editing—that do not require double-strand DNA breaks (DSBs).
Coronavirus COVID-19 vaccination with world map in the background

Hacking the Immune Response: Novel Vaccine Design to Combat Pandemic Diseases

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by Sino Biological, our distinguished speaker Dr. Jacob Glanville, CEO and president of Centivax, will present data on computational immunology interrogation of the adaptive immune response to better understand why immune responses rarely target conserved epitopes. R&D Manager of Sino Biological, Dr. Yuning Chen, will also share with us the viral antigen bank they’ve developed. Finally, our presenters will discuss ongoing efforts in new pathogen arenas, including the novel coronavirus and HIV.

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