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For Cell and Gene Therapy Products, Early Characterization is Critical

In some of the newest cell and gene therapies, the drug itself is subvisible in nature. So, how do you tell a good particle (like a cell) that should go into a patient from a harmful particle that should not? In this GEN webinar, sponsored Halo Labs, we are going to hear about a new way to determine the good and the bad from our distinguished presenter Dr. Bernardo Cordovez. We will learn about case studies measuring stability and purity of CAR-T cell therapies and AAV gene therapy products using the Aura CL™—an instrument designed specifically to detect, count, size, and identify subvisible biological aggregates and extrinsic materials for product quality measurements in cell and gene therapy applications.
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Optimizing Drug Discovery Pipelines with Biophysical Methods

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by WuXi, our panel of experts will discuss a range of biophysical technologies, as MST/TRIC (temperature-related intensity change), SPR, and nano-differential scanning fluorimetry to support drug discovery programs.
MRNA chains contained in a modern coronavirus vaccine

Adapting Next-Generation mRNA Production and Purification Strategies

The rapid increase in demand for mRNA therapeutics has revealed the inherent challenge of the platform—that the production of mRNA is facing a series of bottlenecks. In this sponsored GEN webinar, we will hear how scientists at Sartorius have been working on streamlining these challenges long before the pandemic even started.
Genetic Research

Benefits of Automating NGS Sample Preparation

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by the CustomBiotech division of Roche, we will hear about some of the latest benefits when automating next-generation sequencing sample preparation.
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Solutions for Improved Work-Life Balance of High-Throughput Bioprocess Development

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by Roche Custom Biotech, we will learn some examples of how bioprocess scientists are taking steps to reduce the weekend lab attendance that has become an unfortunate staple of high throughput projects.
Green Nanoparticles

Take the Hassle Out of Nanoparticle Prep and Characterization with Big Tuna and Stunner

This GEN webinar, sponsored by Unchained Labs, will show that whether a nanoparticle’s payload is RNA, DNA, protein, or another API, Big Tuna handles buffer exchange and concentration while Stunner delivers dye-free, label-free, standard-free, hassle-free quant.
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