Antibody drug conjugated with cytotoxic payload.

Monoclonal Antibodies and Continuous Processing: A Case Study Examination

In this GEN webinar, our experts from Cytiva and Chugai will share their findings around unique collaboration for the continuous processing of mAbs that enabled them to achieve increased productivity and a smaller footprint.
Antibody immunoglobulin coronavirus vaccine result. 3D medical infection model. Immunization COVID poster template. Blood test green pass certificate vector illustration

Decoding Antibody Discovery—The Future of Next-Gen Biologics

In this GEN webinar, our subject matter experts, Dr. Christian Olsen and Dr. Nimesh Joseph from Dotmatics, will provide an overview of current trends in monoclonal antibody research and discovery and how science and technology are converging to create cutting-edge workflows designed to drive innovation and breakthroughs in the largest biologics therapeutic class today
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Improving Biologics Production Economics with Rapid Cycling Chromatography

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by Sartorius, our expert presenters will tell us much more about how membrane-based RCC can improve bioprocessing economics.
mRNA Technology - Messenger RNA Technologies - Innovative Platform for the Development of New Medical Therapies - Next Generation of Vaccine Therapies - 3D Illustration

mRNA Synthesis Considerations for Vaccine and Therapeutic Development

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific, our guest speaker will address the key considerations for mRNA synthesis that help accelerate the development of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics.
DNA Helix

DNA Printing: Rapid Assembly of the RFP Gene with Enzymatic DNA Synthesis

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by DNA Script, our distinguished speaker, Kym Delventhal from Stowers Institute, will highlight the steps to successfully build a gene fragment for RFP gene synthesis from EDS oligos.
CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy

Single-Cell, Spatial, & In Situ Hi-Res Mapping of the Breast Cancer Tumor Microenvironment

Join us for this GEN webinar, sponsored by 10x Genomics, where our distinguished speakers, Dr. Morgane Rouault and Dr. Robert Shelansky, will tell us more about a recent study using three complementary genomics technologies, Chromium Single Cell, Visium Spatial, and Xenium In Situ, to explore the biology of a single, breast cancer patient-derived, FFPE tissue block.
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Single-Use Mixers Get a Computational Analysis Boost 

In this GEN webinar we will learn how Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can be applied to your bioproduction workflows to save valuable time and improve product quality and yields.
Fetus with DNA umbilical cord

Using Multiomics to Predict and Prevent Preterm Birth and Preeclampsia 

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by Somalogic, our distinguished presenters—members of the Gaudillière lab at Stanford University—will describe how they employed a translational approach that combines single-cell mass cytometry with high-plex proteomic and metabolomic analyses to study the role of the human immune system in the pathobiology of fundamental clinical problems, including pregnancy pathologies, recovery after trauma/injury, stroke, and acute COVID-19 infection.
Developing mRNA Vaccines Concept

Meet Challenges in Expressing Next-Gen Immunotherapies and Other Advanced Biologics

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by Lonza, our distinguished guest, Dr. Peter O’Callaghan, uses the latest in-house data to demonstrate how GS piggyBac® technology addresses these challenges by generating highly productive cell lines.
Regenerative Medicine

Optimizing Preclinical Processes for Cell and Gene Therapies

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by WuXi Advanced Therapies, our guest presenters will discuss how establishing an early partnership with a CDMO for both plasmid and viral vector manufacture throughout the whole therapeutic journey can enhance long-term success.