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Designing Next-Generation Regulatory T Cell Therapies with Single-Cell Proteomics

In this ON DEMAND webinar, sponsored by IsoPlexis, we will learn how single-cell functional proteomics is crucial in the informed design and development of the next generation of cell therapies. More importantly, we will hear how using single-cell cytokine expression can be used to functionally profile CAR-Tregs.

The Dynamic Microbiome

In this GEN KEYNOTE webinar, we are delighted to host Rob Knight (University of California, San Diego), who will present a captivating overview of the latest research findings on the links between the microbiome and human health as well as future directions in microbiome research.

Highlighting the Power of CRISPRa/i for Gene Expression Profiling

In TODAY's webinar, sponsored by OriGene, we will highlight how a toolbox of modified CRISPR systems is enabling scientists to turn gene expression on (CRISPRa) and off (CRISPRi). We will discuss how a CRISPRa/i functional genomics platform reveals genes that drive complex biological phenotypes and, finally, we will learn about some of the latest CRISPRa/i tools and reagents and how they are facilitating investigators in their gene editing endeavors.
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Shake-Up Your Cell Expansion Efforts

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by Sartorius Stedim Biotech, we will hear how application of modern bottle and flask closure technologies in combination with machine automation can compress a cell expansion process map to bring about a low-risk, streamlined workflow with reduced operating costs.

Smarter Biobank Management

In this ON DEMAND webinar, sponsored by Agilent Genohm, will focus on two key areas: how implementing a sample and workflow management system such as SLIMS can have a major impact on a biobank’s efficiency, and how integrating these sample management systems with other technologies used by biobanks, such as freezers and readers for tracking samples, can create even greater value in the solutions biobanks have to offer.

An Automated Solution for Single-Cell Gene Expression Workflows

In this ON DEMAND webinar, we hear how Chromium Connect from 10x Genomics was designed to simplify single-cell library prep workflows and increase laboratory productivity. Additionally, the 10x-pert presenters will demonstrate how the new automated system will enable walkaway convenience while generating consistent single-cell gene expression results.

CRISPR is Editing its Way Toward Cell and Gene Therapy

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by Lonza, we will hear about a high-throughput platform for CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing in primary human cells for the robust functional interrogation of complex biological processes and disease states. We also learn about the clinically relevant scale of gene-editing, platforms, and approaches, process development considerations for bringing these gene-edited therapies to the clinic.

The Therapeutic Antibody Screening Revolution in the Post Genomics Era

In this GEN webinar, sponsored by Carterra, we will demonstrate how modern day high-throughput surface plasmon resonance (HT-SPR™) has facilitated a paradigm shift in antibody screening, enabling higher information content assays to be conducted earlier in the research pipeline to streamline lead selection. This essentially combines screening and detailed characterization in the same step, condensing months of work into days.
DNA sequencing

Antibody Discovery and Immune Profiling Using High-Throughput Single B-Cell Screening

Single B cell screening methods have emerged as efficient antibody discovery technologies. In this GEN webinar sponsored by 10x Genomics, we’ll hear about the application of LIBRA-Seq to screen B cells from human HIV-infection samples against large libraries of viral antigens for antibody discovery, as well as about the identification of a new broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibody.

Optimize Protein Glycosylation—and—Yield by In Vitro Glycoengineering

In this GEN webinar sponsored by Roche, our expert panelist from LakePharma will present data from several successful case studies that have applied the IVGE process to gram scale antibody production.

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