Best Practices with an Agilent Parallel CE System

Best Practices with an Agilent Parallel CE System

In this eBook we provide the best practices utilized by Agilent for reliable QC analysis and an in depth discussion about the importance of sample quality control during library preparation.
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Upstream Bioprocessing Improving Efficiency Through Digital Tools

Digitalization holds great promise for increasing the efficiency, quality, and reproducibility of upstream bioprocessing. With this eBook, sponsored by Eppendorf, we would like to explore the growing world of bioprocess digitalization. How can the bioprocess industry benefit from digitalization? What are concrete examples of process automation? And how can artificial intelligence transform bioprocessing?

New Research and Development Strategies in Virology/Viral Immunology

In this eBook we learn how Sartorius’ advanced cell analysis platforms accelerate the discovery and development of new vaccines against viral infections by giving deeper, more relevant data on phenotype, activation, and function so you gain more insight, faster.
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The mRNA Therapeutics Boom

In this article Thermo Fisher Scientific provides information on how to simplify workflows and maximize the efficiency of the mRNA purification process with POROS™ Oligo (dT)25 affinity resin.
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Automated Nucleic Acid Sample Quality Control in NGS Workflows

In this eBook sponsored by Agilent, GEN presents selected data from application and technical notes describing the benefits of using ScreenTape technology in NGS workflows.
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Strategies for Effective Cell Line Development

This content collection, sponsored by Sartorius, will highlight the key challenges and points to consider during the CLD workflow, the impact early data-driven decision-making can have on later stages of development, and how to accelerate process optimization by incorporating innovative analytical techniques.
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Engineering the Immune Response for Therapeutic Success

In the first of the articles included in this Horizon eBook, Carl June describes the development of CAR T cells as “along and winding road.” This and other selected articles indicate why this is so: the immune system is complex and no one cell type works in isolation.

Early Process Development Decisions Pay Off for Cell and Gene Therapies

The number of cell and gene therapies (CGTs) entering clinical development has increased significantly in recent years. However, the surge in clinical activity has not been matched by an increase in production capacity. Cytiva's collection of articles focuses on the need for making crucial decisions early in process development in order to minimize risk, cost, product variability and time to market.
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Breakthroughs in Immunotherapy

This eBook sponsored by Agilent provides the latest recommendations from various leaders in immunotherapy research and their insights into exciting new developments. Their inspiration has guided and helped us compile these articles that showcase new analysis tools for scientists developing innovative cell-based solutions.

Functional Multi-Omics & Single-Cell Proteomics Accelerate Research and Medicine

In this GEN e-book, sponsored by IsoPlexis, we will discover how single-cell analysis is shaping the way researchers approach cancer biology, and how a fully automated system called IsoLight is streamlining multi-omic and proteomic workflows for an array of precision medicine endeavors.