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July 01, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 13)

Learn to Code with Python

  • Nice user interface, easy to use
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Platform: iPad/iPhone/Android  
Cost: Free

Python is an amazingly versatile programming language that can be used for everything from building software to help experiments run more smoothly, to visualizing and graphing data. Like any language, computer or otherwise, learning Python can be difficult, but apps like Learn to Code with Python, from Solo Learn, can help. The app takes users through Python 3 in a logical way, starting with basic concepts and progressing through more complex topics as users complete lessons. Users who already know some Python are able to test out of more basic lessons and jump ahead. There is also a code playground, where users can upload code, and a Q&A discussion forum for those that get stuck. Learn to Code with Python is a great app for increasing your coding skills on the go.

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