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May 01, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 9)

Cell Count

  • Calculators for dilutions, cell viability
  • None
Platform: iPhone  
Cost: Free

They really do seem to have apps for everything these days. Go ahead and add cell counting to the list, thanks to Celeromics’ free Cell Count app. Users are walked through a few settings prior to reaching the counter. First, they select the dimensions of their hemocytometer and the number of squares to count. Next, users can turn on the cell viability calculation, which will calculate the percentage of live versus dead cells. From there you reach the counter itself: two boxes on the screen represent alive and dead cells. Simply tap the screen to start the tally. Upon completion of your counting, there is the additional feature of being able to calculate the volume of cells you need to make your target dilution solution. (Those old click-click-click cell counters certainly can’t do that!)

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