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March 01, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 5)

BioPrep – 100% Free AP Biology Prep

  • Large collection of questions
  • Some poorly worded questions/answers, no explanations given
Platform: iPad/iPhone  
Cost: Free

The BioPrep app is, as advertised, a “100% Free AP Biology Prep” app. The app, which is billed as having been designed by students, contains over 700 review questions related to content found on the Advanced Placement (AP) Biology exam (and which would also be encountered in most introductory collegiate biology courses). The questions are organized into 15 categories that include ecology, animal behavior, biochemistry, and the cell, among others. The categories are all neatly displayed on the home screen of the app, and simply tapping on a category takes users to the corresponding multiple-choice quiz. While most of the questions are clearly worded, there are occasional questions that are confusing or whose answers don’t quite make sense. Thus, educators should screen the sections before assigning to students. Unfortunately, explanations of the correct answers are not provided and therefore the app is best used for review, not primary instruction.

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