January 15, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 2)


Strong Points: Great amount of content, beautiful website
Weak Points: None


The YourGenome website is the creation of the Public Engagement team at the Wellcome Genome Campus in the U.K., and a beautiful creation it is! An educational resource for the general public, the website includes information both on the biology of DNA and genetic inheritance, as well as the broader ethics and implications for society. Content on the website is divided into five categories: in the cell, methods and technology, targeting disease, society and behavior, and animals and plants. The resources included within each category are diverse, composed of videos, paper-based activities, interactive online animations, and written articles. With regards to the written articles, site visitors will encounter three types: “facts” resources are composed of short, “bite-sized chunks” of information; “stories” are traditional in-depth feature articles; and “debates” present both sides of various ethical discussions. The website is full of information and beautifully done—a must-visit for biologists and educators!

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