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September 15, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 16)

  • Simple to use, good tutorials
  • Somewhat narrow functionality

Though perhaps not the fanciest of websites, the Yeast Outgrowth Data Analyzer (YODA) offers a simple and functional method to analyze the growth curves of yeast. (And hey, we’ve got to give bonus points to the playful—and very deliberate —acronym.) Although designed for data obtained from Bioscreen plates, the tool can also be used to calculate doubling times and survival fractions from OD measurements taken with a standard spectrophotometer. The website includes tutorials for these and other tasks such as uploading, analyzing, and exporting data that can subsequently be plotted in Excel or a similar program. After being uploaded to the site, data remain for seven days following access (though users can download the source code and install the program on their own servers for more permanent storage). The website includes the primary citations for the tool, and users can also contact the site managers with bug reports or requests.

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