October 1, 2006 (Vol. 26, No. 17)


Strong Points: VERY fun to read
Weak Points: Doesn’t work well in Safari browser

Eye-catching graphics do wonders for websites, and it was on that basis that this general interest site made it into the column. When I reviewed the site, there was an absolutely amazing image of an Alaskan volcano taken by a member of the International Space Station. That helped to assuage my irritation at the site’s annoying behavior in the Safari browser. A switch to Firefox, however, revealed a site of science news that ought to be on every scientist’s radar. Updated daily, World Science provides hyperlinks to fascinating stories, including alternate universes, unmasking the 666 superstition, miniature dinosaurs, a new cancer vaccine and mice responding to Mozart. The writing is superb, the topics are fun to say the least, and the news is up to date. There’s not more to ask from a science news-related site.

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