Rating: Good

Strong Points: Several databases collected into one place; website includes a short description of each database.

Weak Points: Databases seem to be updated regularly, but website is not.


The website for the World Federation for Culture Collections-Microbial Resources Centers (WFFC-MIRCEN) is a great resource for microbiologists and scientists who work with cell cultures. The site provides a convenient launchpad for searching through multiple databases. The databases to which the website links include a reference strain catalog, a global catalog of microorganisms, and a microbiome research platform. In each database, users can either create specific searches based on their preferred metrics or can choose to simply browse through the available data. Some of the databases include additional tools, such as genome analysis and statistics. Unfortunately, although each database seems to be updated regularly, the main website is a bit outdated. However, WFCC-MIRCEN World Data Centre for Microorganisms is still a convenient place to access numerous databases for use in microbiology research

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