August 1, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 14)


Strong Points: Links to various databases and data analysis programs
Weak Points: Fairly bland site design


It is a question that has been posed to every biology student: How does all of our DNA fit into tiny cells? The answer, of course, is compression, compression, compression! The result, chromatin, is nicely described on this site by University of Missouri-Kansas City professor Jakob Waterborg. What I enjoyed most about this site was that Dr. Waterborg posts powerpoint presentations and lectures (some with audio) that he has given—materials that scientists don’t often make available online to the general public.  Beyond the presentations, the “Phylogenesis of Histone H3” page offers a great deal of information regarding phylogenic methods, including links to databases and free data analysis software. Dr. Waterborg describes data from his own research, as well. This site is a great example of a candid discussion of one’s work for the benefit and education of others.

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