June 15, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 12)


Strong Points: Links, variety of information
Weak Points: None

I’ve avoided having reptilian pets, preferring instead the feline variety. Yet, if I ever did adopt a cold-blooded companion, one thing is for sure—I would not be as daring as members of the Southeastern Hot Herp Society. Venomousreptiles.org is the homepage for this society of venomous snake owners, and it will certainly make your skin crawl. Like watching a train wreck, it’s difficult to turn away from the accounts and photos of people who have been bitten, despite being repulsed by what you see. This site offers a fascinating look at what it takes to work with venomous snakes. There are numerous resources for snake owners themselves, including a classified section, discussion board, and calendar of events. Yet the photos, stories, and other information will also interest those of us content with being on the outside, looking in. Also factoring in the impressive database of 899 venomous snake links, this site gives you plenty to sink your fangs…er, teeth…into.

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