February 1, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 3)


Strong Points: Very thorough, well organized
Weak Points: None

From one of the major soybean-producing regions of the U.S. comes Stratsoy, a one-stop-shop for soybean information on the web. Housed at the University of Illinois, the site contains wide-ranging information. Visitors interested in soybeans and health can access a FAQ and submit questions to an expert in the field. Farmers can access information about different varieties of soybean. Consumers can also read a Q&A section covering GMOs. If statistics are your thing, Soy Stats should go a long way toward satisfying those needs. A link to the USDA Supply and Demand page will help farmers to better plan what to plant. In terms of technical information, the site provides a downloadable database on the isoflavone content of foods. The section entitled “TalkSoy” links to the Soybean Connection, which contains newsletters, podcasts, videos, and other tools for connecting members. Miscellaneous sections cover things like history and recipes (link broken at presstime). If you are getting the idea that Stratsoy satisfies its aim to be a one-stop-shop, you’re right.

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