January 15, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 2)


Strong Points: Good collection of articles, well-written
Weak Points: Too advanced for general audience


We have the students of the Neurosciences graduate program at the University of California San Diego to thank for this nicely written blog that highlights the work of various researchers in the field. Blog articles are published regularly, with one to four articles published each month during the school year (from approximately October to May). Articles are written by first-year graduate students and the topics reflect the work of scheduled speakers at UCSD (that is, each blog post makes a plug for an upcoming seminar). However, the blog articles themselves are stand-alone resources apart from the seminars they advertise. Regular blog posts date back to 2012, so there is already a sizable archive of scientific snippets for scientists to pursue on this site. Many of the blog posts are written in general language (as opposed to scientific jargon); however, the reliance of primary data (without much explanation of the figures) likely makes this blog inaccessible to a nonscientific general audience.

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