March 1, 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 5)


Strong Points: Good coverage of Rockefeller news
Weak Points: Needs more news to cover

You may have heard about this one in the news. In any event, you may want to check it out, if only to amaze yourself at how easily aspects of your genome can be analyzed. Subtitled “Genetic Genealogy,” the DNA Ancestry Project is nothing if it is not interesting and ambitious. Tantalizing topics, such as “Trace the Roots of Your Surname” and “You and Marie Antoinette (trace your relationship to this illustrious woman),” tease visitors as they draw them in. As one who has done a bit of non-DNA-based genealogical work, I must say the services look interesting, to say the least. A recent headline about James Watson’s African roots ( will likely stimulate others to check out just how much one can learn about one’s ancestors from DNA. Standard analyses begin at $119, with advanced analyses available for only $318. What are you waiting for? (Note – I have no financial interest or other connection to the company).

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