April 1, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 7)


Strong Points: Great site design and organization
Weak Points: None


What a great name for an initiative—ThinkQuest. It definitely summarizes the life of a scientist quite well. (But back to the website…) The ThinkQuest Library is a compilation of over 7,000 websites created by students as part of an international competition. The websites cover every topic under the sun, but speaking specifically about the science sections, there are over 3,000 websites under the “science and technology” umbrella. These sites are organized into subcategories such as life science, which accounts for over 1,000 of the sites. Visitors to the site can also filter the websites by age division of the competitors, or by country. The ThinkQuest Library website itself is very well designed and easy to navigate. I warn you, though, that the library as a whole is like the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland—you’ll find yourself going deeper and deeper and won’t be able to easily pull yourself back out again!

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