October 15, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 18)


Strong Points: Useful downloads under “resources” tab
Weak Points: A bit light on content overall


Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here? It certainly is if you’re a protein, as Thermofluor is a technique to provide a readout of thermally induced protein unfolding. Thermofluor.org is a website dedicated to this technique, whose aliases include differential scanning fluorimetry, temperature-dependent fluorescence, and fluorescence thermal shift assay. The site includes a PowerPoint introduction to the technique, as well as a number of references to useful papers. Unfortunately the references only link to PubMed, not the actual papers. There are pdfs to be found on the site, however, under the “resources” tab. The site also provides a few links of interest. Although this site is a bit simplistic overall, Thermofluor.org is at least a nice introduction to researchers wanting to familiarize themselves with this particular technique.

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