Thermo Fisher Learning Centers

Enormous database of well-organized and easy-to-navigate resources. Digging through methods sections to find the perfect protocol is often an essential start to a new experiment. However, sometimes you just want a straightforward overview of current techniques in the field. If that’s the case, check out Thermo Fisher’s Learning Centers. The site consolidates an enormous number of resources into distinct “learning centers” focused on practical applications, covering topics ranging from antibodies and cloning to mass spectrometry and forensics. Each learning center contains numerous resources related to the topic, such as technique overviews and experimental protocols, educational videos, resource libraries, and even guided learning courses. Although some of the resources focus on Thermo Fisher products specifically, they are all free to access and can be easily adapted for use with other reagents. The Thermo Fisher Learning Centers website is an excellent resource for bench scientists that is well worth checking out.

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