October 1, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 17)


Strong Points: Organization, various ways to search images
Weak Points: None


The Center for C. elegans (I think they missed a golden opportunity here for not calling it the C. enter for C. elegans) at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine has wormed its way into the ranks of great image websites with The Worm Image Database. Here, you’ll find thousands of unpublished electron micrographs of this model organism that can be downloaded for your viewing pleasure. All of the photos are indexed according to worm name, developmental stage, and portion of body, but one can also search through the database by specifying the worm sex, genotype (simply wild type versus mutant), and worm age. Alternatively, one can search by tissue type or body portion. Readers also have the opportunity to comment on individual photos, either publicly or privately. The database continues to be updated, and very actively at that. The News sidebar, which summarizes the updates, includes entries every couple of days.

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