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August 01, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 14)

The Paleontology Portal

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Let’s be honest—how many of us went through an “I want to be a paleontologist when I grow up” phase? I’d wager a lot. Long before television shows like CSI made forensic science look cool, children were bombarded with movies showing exotic scenes of paleontologists brushing off dinosaur skeletons in the desert. Thanks to The Paleontology Portal, children and adults, as well as paleontologists and nonpaleontologists alike, can now get a taste of this scientific discipline. (And you don’t even have to trek out into the field!) Visitors to the site can explore the paleontology of North America by state and time period (time periods ranging from Quaternary to Precambrian), or they can browse the fossil gallery. The gallery contains images of plants, invertebrates, vertebrates, bacteria, protists, and fungi. Additionally, the resources page contains a number of links with appeal to educators, scientists, and the general public.

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