The Online Macromolecular Museum

The Online Macromolecular Museum

Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Great premise for a website, well executed and very informative.

Weak Points: Website design overall is a little dated.

The Online Macromolecular Museum is a delightful way to peruse some of the foundational molecules in biology. Emulating a brick-and-mortar museum, the website divides each category of macromolecule into nearly 20 different “halls”. Users can examine immunoglobulin structures in the Hall of Immunology, the structure of green fluorescent protein in the Hall of Fluorescence, or essential membrane molecules in the Hall of Membranes. The page for each macromolecule includes an interactive three-dimensional model of the molecule and extensive information about the molecule’s structure and function. Users can even isolate different components of each molecule for a closer look depending on what piques their interest in the molecule’s description. The overall design of the website is a bit dated, but barely detracts from the fun premise.

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