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February 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 4)

The Node
  • Great events calendar, large collection of web links
  • None

The node is a wonderful online community resource for developmental biologists. It boasts a well-populated events calendar of upcoming conferences and workshops, as well as a listing of job openings in the field, spanning everything from technicians and temporary positions, up through faculty positions. The meat of the content can be found within the “resources” section of the website, which is divided into four subsections: advocacy and outreach, teaching resources, audio-visual resources, and researcher resources. Within each section, site visitors will find a large collection of useful web links related to that specific topic. As indicated by the various subsections, the website caters its resources to a diverse audience and also solicits recommendations from Node community members. Signup to become a member of the community is free and easy to do.

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