September 15, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 16)


Strong Points: Beautiful images, some useful links
Weak Points: Somewhat sparse content, heavy emphasis on art competition


The Neuro Bureau is an organization that promotes “open neuroscience” (that is, the open sharing of resources, data, and analysis tools) through forums, announcements, and the release of preprocessed data. A clear focus of the group thus far has been brain art competitions, and to this end site visitors will be treated to a vast array of beautiful and creative entries to the annual contest. The website includes links to the International Neuroimaging Data-Sharing Initiative (INDI) and the Human Connectome Project (HCP) as repositories where researchers can share or retrieve open-source data. The “blog” and “events” sections of the website have promise, but at present the content is somewhat sparse. This is a nice website to keep an eye on—especially if you’re in the field of human neuroimaging—though it hasn’t yet lived up to its full potential.

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