November 1, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 19)


Strong Points: Large collection of photos, good search/browse features
Weak Points: None


Let’s be honest—“exotic marine life” and “Australia” are practically synonyms. So it should come as
no surprise that one of the great marine photographic indices is brought to us by the people of the Marine Life Society of South Australia. The collection of images showcases fish, mammals, invertebrates, and plants of the South Australian waters, and it includes over 900 photographs of more than 400 species. Visitors to the website can browse the collections for the four categories given above, as well as a fifth collection for mollusks. Alternatively, one may search for a particular species by either its common or scientific name. The society’s website also provides downloadable newsletters and society journals, although the main focus is certainly the photographic index. So go ahead and let
it transport you to the beautiful waters of South Australia (and hey, it’s a lot cheaper than an
airline ticket).

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