March 15, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 6)


Strong Points: Large amount of content, variety of topics
Weak Points: None


Started in 2012 in response to faculty interest at Johns Hopkins University, The Innovative Instructor Blog provides teaching faculty across disciplines with information about evidence-based pedagogical methods and teaching as research. The Innovative Instructor Blog builds upon a series of print articles by the same name, all of which are open-access and available via a link on the blog website. Site visitors can browse content in a number of ways: by recent posts, by date of publication, or by content category such as active learning, case studies, or technology. In addition, the website provides a collection of links to seven other pedagogy-related blogs so that teaching faculty can stay maximally informed. So whether you’re a seasoned educator or a newly minted assistant professor getting ready to teach your first class, you’ll find a treasure trove of pedagogical resources on this website.

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