March 15, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 6)


Strong Points: Videos load quickly, diverse cases represented
Weak Points: Cumbersome page layout


A warning: I would not recommend surfing this website while you’re eating dinner. The Gastrointestinal Video Atlas provides—in graphic detail—exactly what the title suggests: videos of the gastrointestinal system. Well, videos of a diseased gastrointestinal system, that is. Composed of endoscopic videos, the atlas documents a wide variety of medical ailments, including an esophageal papilloma, gastric cancer, colon carcinoma, and Crohn disease. A product of El Salvador, the atlas website is presented in both English and Spanish. The videos themselves don’t take too long to load; however, the formatting of the website is a bit cumbersome. Under each heading (such as celiac disease) all of the videos are embedded on the same page, resulting in a long, scrolling page that itself takes some time to load. That annoyance aside, this is a good video resource for medical professionals.

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