February 15, 2005 (Vol. 25, No. 4)


Strong Points: Researcher info
Weak Points: Needs info on midges

It’s time for the monthly “what the heck is that?” site. Chironomids are, if the image on the opening page is any indication, a bizarre looking group of insects. Known as the midges, Chironomids are probably best known by fly-tying fisherman as something fish like to eat. The Chironomid Page, hosted at the University of Michigan, aims to be “The Place for Information on the Chironomidae,” but it’s got quite a ways to go to accomplish its goal. I searched through the entire site without finding any useful info on the midges. Indeed, what I learned from midges came from a Google search. In all fairness, it may be that the site is just getting started. A description on the opening page seemed to indicate so. What caught my attention was the unusual image mentioned above. The site does have a few strong points: a directory of midge researchers, a regular online newsletter, information about laboratory collections, and a small collection of links.

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