December 1, 2007 (Vol. 27, No. 21)


Strong Points: Superbly thought out and written
Weak Points: None

I had to laugh at the opening page of this site, which offered a User’s Guide. Fortunately, my brain already came with one, though many who know me would say I must have misplaced it. I guess the site designers need to be more clear that they were referring to the site, not the brain itself. Silliness aside, this is an amazing set of pages with something for everyone. A rare site that contains a mixture of content appropriate for both the general public and research scientists, The Brain From Top to Bottom tackles its subject from many angles. A strong section of anatomy for beginners is aimed at general users but the evolutionary considerations at the advanced level are appropriate for others. A section on the senses focuses on the eye, and again the coverage from beginner to advanced is superb. I particularly liked the section on sleeping, which taught me something at every level. A wonderful site whose educational quality cannot be overstated.

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