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December 01, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 21)

The Barn Owl Trust

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Save the barn owl! Save the barn owl!  Such are the rallying cries from the members of The Barn Owl Trust, an organization in Britain dedicated to awareness, education, and conservation. The trust’s website is a wonderful place to learn about these beautiful birds such as their ecological role, lifestyle, annual life cycle, and population changes. In addition to all of the resources to make you owl “book smart” there is also much practical knowledge to be gleaned from this site. Tutorials like “how to make and erect a Barn Owl nestbox” and “how to manage land for Barn Owls” will also make you “street smart” if you happen to have these nocturnal neighbors in your area. So go ahead and fly over to this nicely designed and organized website, and see what you can do to save the barn owl! Save the barn owl!

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