Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Well-organized, open-source, and easy-to-find information; additional resources

Weak Points: None


It feels like it’s hard to turn anywhere these days without hearing about machine learning. From processing datasets to refining algorithms, this mathematical method has found a home in disciplines ranging from neuroscience research to traffic alerts. If you think that a machine learning algorithm would improve your own data analysis but have no idea where to start, TensorFlow may be the website for you. TensorFlow, developed by the Google Brain Team, allows users of all backgrounds to build and run machine learning algorithms using its opensource software. Based in the Python coding language, TensorFlow is easy to
install and comes with an enormous library of tutorials, walkthroughs, and extra resources for users who have no idea where to get started. Additionally, there’s a dedicated community space where you can post questions, get help debugging, or contribute your own additions to the project. TensorFlow and the resources gathered on its website are an excellent start for anyone looking to incorporate machine learning into their projects.

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