June 15, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 12)


Strong Points: Very reader-friendly
Weak Points: Some information is perhaps oversimplified


Walk across any college campus and you’ll surely find yourself confronted at one point or another by a perky student with a clipboard. “Do you have a moment for (insert social/environmental cause or election measure here)?” Well, this site might just be the cyber equivalent. With whimsical graphics, the opening page sets the stage for friendly persuasion. In big letters reads the statement, “You can’t believe if you don’t know!” The site goes on to provide some good information about the basics (the very basics) of stem cells, though it is clear that the authors are approaching the subject more from a political perspective than a scientific one. Don’t expect any advanced scientific explanations or stimulating ethics discussions on this page. This site does, however, bring to one’s awareness the interplay of scientific research and public policy. So, if you do, in fact, have a moment for stem cell research, check it out.

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