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Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Good database of available awards, easy to search

Weak Points: Limited information on the website itself, have to go to outside links


The STEMGradStudents website collects information about federal funding available to STEM students into one easy-to-search database. Users can browse through funding opportunities using a number of different search parameters, including graduate program type, graduate level eligibility, and STEM discipline focus. Users can even search for research internships and funding specifically designated for travel expenses. Each funding opportunity comes with a short description and eligibility information, and links are provided to external websites so that students can apply for the grants. Acquiring funding is an essential part of a scientific career, but it can be difficult to determine which awards are available and for which to apply. STEMGradStudents is a great resource for streamlining the application process and discovering federal funding sources that you may not have been aware of.