August 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 14)


Strong Points: Easy to use, source code available for viewing on Github
Weak Points: None


RNA sequencing has rapidly revolutionized transcriptomics and allows biologists to gather enormous amounts of gene-expression data. However, with these large datasets comes the issue of actually compiling and analyzing the data in a meaningful way. The Shiny Transcriptome Analysis Resource Tool (START) is here to help. START allows users to input their raw sequencing data, which gets statistically analyzed and returned as normalized gene intensity values. The website also allows the user to visualize the data in several different ways, including gene-expression boxplots, volcano plots, and plots based off of principle component analysis of the data. Data can be uploaded directly to the website and can also be run on your computer using R. START is an excellent, user-friendly resource for anyone looking to make sense of their mountain of RNAseq data.

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