September 1, 2009 (Vol. 29, No. 15)


Strong Points: Simple organization, description of each tool
Weak Points: While free to download, the programs are only compatible with UNIX/LINUX systems


Scientists truly have too much fun with acronyms sometimes. Case in point: SPACE (or rather, tools for structure prediction and analysis based on complementarity with environment). The acronyms keep on coming throughout the website, be it LPC/CSU (analysis of ligand-protein contacts and contacts of structural units) or CMA (contact map analysis). Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the jargon of the Edelman-Sobolev Bioinformatics Group at the Weizmann Institute of Science, though, you can truly appreciate the many tools available on this site. The tools on the page come in the form of either online servers or downloadable programs, and they can be used to predict or analyze biomolecular structures and complexes. All of the tools utilize or address the shape and chemical compatibility of interacting surfaces. In addition to the LPC/CSU and CMA servers mentioned above, some of the programs include ligand-protein contact analysis and side chain modeling.

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