July 1, 2005 (Vol. 25, No. 13)


Strong Points: Some data, educational material
Weak Points: Schizophrenic, disorganized

The genomics and proteomics of the cellular response to injury is the focus of this rather boringly titled site from the U.T. Southwestern Medical center in Dallas, TX. Organization of the site is not inspired, and a good reason appears to be that the site’s design is schizophrenic-split between providing general, PR-type information about the center and relevant genomic information on the subject. This latter info is tucked into four disparate sections: Protocols/Reagents, Antibody Production, Polymorphism Production, and Software Production. It’s dissapointing with all of that “production” that there is so little “product” to be had at the site. A minor surprise is a set of deucational Power Points on Bioinformatics, Genetic Immunization, Antibody Production, and Genetic Synthesis, but even that is compromised by a rather lame organization of the material. A site crying out for direction.

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