June 15, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 12)


Strong Points: Diverse authors, different topics
Weak Points: Limited content, some links broken


“Keeping the science. Removing the fiction.” That’s the tagline for Skepti-Forum, a community project to disseminate fact-based scientific information to the general public while simultaneously dispelling the many myths that unfortunately too often taint people’s impressions of scientific topics in the news. The website includes a blog and a wiki, though most of the content is found on the blog. (The wiki contains a number of empty pages, but also links to topics on the organization’s Facebook page.) Topics covered on the site include agriculture (organic farming and GMOs), vaccines, and science communication, among others. Diverse viewpoints and backgrounds are encouraged in the site’s contributors, and indeed the authors hail from numerous countries and fields. The website also provides information about how site visitors can join the conversation by contributing their own content.

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