April 1, 2008 (Vol. 28, No. 7)


Strong Points: General info
Weak Points: No sequences

The sheep, of course, was the first mammal to be cloned and it is an important farm animal, so it is appropriate that its genomic sequence should be determined. A joint Australia/New Zealand initiative, the Sheep Genome Project, is a $30 million joint project of 11 research institutions. Key aims of the effort are to control gastrointestinal diseases in the organisms, improve wool quality, meat production, and reproduction. At the site, one can find a variety of information about the collaborating partners, PDFs describing the various research interests, news, and a section for login of registered users. It’s not clear what registration gets, though it probably includes access to sequences as they are generated. Sequences unfortunately were not at all visible at the free portion of the site, which is unfortunate, especially given that this research effort appears to have been under way for a couple of years. Keep your eyes open on this one for future updates.

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