July 1, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 13)


Strong Points: Great range of resources for all ages/academic levels
Weak Points: News articles somewhat sparse


Perhaps you are familiar with the delightfully alliterative saying, “the nose knows.” Well, in the same vein, one might say that the Sense of Smell Institute knows the nose! (Admittedly, it doesn’t have quite the same ring…) The Sense of Smell Institute’s mission is to provide resources regarding the sense of smell as it relates to “human psychology, behavior and quality of life.” On the website, one may easily sniff out research and news articles on olfaction, as well as other educational resources for teachers and students alike. The “Making Sense of Scents” page provides downloadable worksheets and lesson plans for children in elementary school, but also caters to older students and scientific professionals with its page of olfaction links and scientific papers. And, if you just want some light-hearted educational tidbits, click over to the “Fun Facts about the Sense of Smell,” delivered by Professor “Nosetradamus.”

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